Address by the Director General

One’s way into adult life certainly begins with a small and uncertain step. Yesterday we started with one Department and today we have and develop a group of specialized Departments, each operating as a member of one big team – Frendel Group, and at the same time acting independently, having its own rights and obligations: providing services in the field of law, translations, immigration, student services, advertising, information, healthcare and tourism.   

I am very proud that Frendel Group has achieved so much and prospers despite the short time of its existence in the large cities of Ukraine and Turkey. Moreover, Frendel Group and its team have developed a great deal in all the countries it was and is based and has been operating.  

The Company plays a key role in public relations and public services, exerting great efforts to improve services provided in its Departments, such as translations and legal advice. Today our group has earned recognition and has become one of the leading companies on the Turkish market, in Arab and foreign communities. While enjoying great success and achievements, we strive for improvement and the best quality of services for our clients all over the world.

Frendel Group’s success is without any doubt a proof of achievement of its aspirations to become a good partner on the international market in the field of translations and legal services.

Over the last period of its activities, Frendel Group has proved and demonstrated its constant active participation in provision of services, has earned recognition and trust of all its clients. Moreover, it has proved its ability to achieve positive results on a permanent basis thanks to reliable human and physical resources, and all this is an incentive for the team and the management to plan and to achieve new development objectives.

Cornerstone and foundation of Frendel Group’s success is dedication of the company’s management and personnel, professional services for clients at the highest level, as well as constant improvement, teaching our employees methods and methodology of successful business development.

Strong and friendly partnership with clients all over the world, their trust, understanding the role of personnel – all this has greatly contributed to achievement of our goal.

We are not ready to rest. On the contrary, we will keep striving for general perfection, search for new ways of operation in Ukraine and abroad.

Therefore, I ask God Almighty for the team and staff of Frendel Group to proceed on the way to prosperity and development.


Kaliuzhna Iryna